Weird & wonderful wi-fi hotspots

Wi-fi is our business, and we have previously covered the fact that most people in the Western world now expect free and reliable wi-fi (or 3G/4G) everywhere they go. This got us thinking about the opposite –  where on earth is there wi-fi where you would never expect it?

First up, is Barneo Ice Camp, which as the name might suggest, is a mere 80kms from the North Pole. Wi-fi was installed here by Intel in 2005 to allow research data to be sent back to institutions many miles  south.
There is, would you believe, wi-fi at Everest Base Camp, 5,000 meters above sea level. Very useful for uploading that ‘summit selfie’ with your Sherpa.

In slightly warmer climes, lots of tourist beaches in Europe and the States now offer wi-fi hotspots, so you can post happy sunshine filled updates to social media all day long, making friends, family and workmates green with envy.

Finally, some graveyards in the US are now offering free wi-fi, proving that you will never quite escape from Twitter, even when six feet under! There are also reports of QR codes being placed on graves, so one can find out more information about who is buried there. Rather ghoulish, and  topical given the shops are filling up with pumpkins and skeleton costumes!

So you might be pleasantly surprised to find strong and reliable wi-fi in the most unexpected of places. Your author today speaks from a point of bitter experience, but with 4G rather than wi-fi. There is absolutely no 4G coverage in the vaguely rural pocket of Hampshire in which I dwell, but I was astonished to have a strong 4G signal at the Aguille du Midi, looking up at Month Blanc and standing within touching distance of the highest point in Europe….

A little bit of healthy competition

Geekabit has been a hotbed of activity this week – we got stuck into a little telephone rewiring in Southampton and donated a wi-fi router to a Hampshire community hub this week. We all agree that the best way to unwind after a hard day’s work (or prepare for one, if early mornings are your thing) is to get out and exercise, and it probably won’t come as surprise that we can get a little competitive from time to time. Not that competitiveness is a bad thing when it comes to exercise and keeping fit and healthy – quite the opposite.

The great discovery that has changed the way we exercise came in the form of Nike+ Running, an app that allows you to log routes and distances, keep track of timing and pace but most importantly – set up a Nike+ Challenge and compete against other users. This is currently fuelling the fire of competitiveness amongst friends and Sprechen colleagues at the moment. Yes, you may look like a bit of a lemon running around with an iPhone strapped to your arm, but you know that every metre you run is being logged, added to your total and waved in the face of your fellow Nike+ users when they log in. What better motivation to run that little bit further each day? And a healthy body helps the mind stay agile and healthy too, so you know you are getting a wi-fi and networking team that is in tip-top shape and ready to work hard for you.