Wi-Fi Site Surveys are the key tool in analysing the performance of your network, helping to diagnose your issues and measure our success fixing your Wi-Fi issues


Many companies will “throw in” a Wi-Fi or wireless site survey when they want your business, using it to provide a quote for installing new equipment. Please draw your own conclusions from this – who does it benefit?

We have tried and tested many site survey software options and practices to find the most accurate options that can help our clients best fault find and design networks for their users.

Our Wi-Fi expert consultants will visit your business with a variety of mobile testing equipment and software to measure your Wi-Fi environment, looking at the various factors which could affect your network performance.

We then produce a report, based on our findings with recommendations to fix your particular Wi-Fi issue, and improve your network efficiency. You are free to take this to any IT department, installer or one of our competitors to implement, but we would of course be delighted to help you further.

We also have the ability to perform predictive site surveys using globally renowned industry software when access to your premises could be difficult, but always prefer to visit our clients in person.

Wi-Fi Site Surveys are the equivalent of a full body check by a doctor, and form a key part of our work to help you.

Our Sites Surveys cover:
  • Generate coverage and performance heatmaps
  • Determine network requirements
  • Test network health and spot potential issues
  • Check 2.4 & 5GHz separately
  • Check AP coverage & SNR
  • Review capacity requirements and bottlenecks
  • Report on surveyed areas
  • Check built-in requirements for VoIP, RTLS, video...
  • Factor in customizable requirements unique to your location
  • Locate all access points
  • Analyze for all APs, per SSID, channel or AP
  • Visualize data for all or selected surveys
  • Visualize measured/simulated/both
  • Simulate how the network will perform using different Wi-Fi devices
  • Fully supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Provide a detailed, combined Wi-Fi and spectrum analysis
Book a Site Survey from our Wi-Fi Experts to find issues with your Wi-Fi network. Speak to us for a no obligation quotation.
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