Here’s a little photo of one of our previous clients who was having a bit of trouble with their signal strength… (and no, that’s not a pot of Jaffa Cakes).

You don’t need a site survey to understand why their Wi-Fi wasn’t working particularly well. A thick castle wall, hundreds of years old, is not the best place to plonk a bit of wireless kit – The signal just isn’t going to get through that.

However, there are plenty of reasons why a Wi-Fi site survey is a good idea for your business. If you’re in a very newly built building or have a very open-plan office, then you might be lucky and not need too much thought behind your WLAN.

However, many offices and buildings will need a slightly more detailed review of potential interferences, rather than just relying on intuition. For example, what if a wall you think is just dry-wall actually has brick underneath?

A site survey will enable you to make informed decisions when designing your WLAN – The aim is to collect as much as data as possible.

When we carry out a site survey at a specific location, we are able to ascertain whether signal would be lost or hindered through certain walls, where glass or tiling could have an affect, identifying any appliances or other causes of interference, finding reductions in RF, seeing where any reflections or refractions happen and much more. Things that you might not even think of – Enormous fish tanks for example! A popular addition to many businesses, but not so friendly to Wi-Fi signal.

Our aim is to gather as much information as possible, so that when we design your WLAN we can ensure that by knowing the building materials, RF characteristics and possible inhibitors of Wi-Fi signal in your specific location, we can design the most accurate, successful and reliable WLAN for your business.

If you’re just about to move into a new business space, it’s an ideal time to get in touch so we can carry out a site survey and make sure that the design of your new WLAN will work perfectly. That way everything is already in place and will work well, making your transition to a new office as smooth and problem-free as possible.

However, if you’re already in your office but your having Wi-Fi problems then we can also help with that too. By doing a site survey on how your current infrastructure and devices are working (or not working), we can advise how it can be improved and design a new WLAN for your space that will work more efficiently.

Either way, a site survey is most definitely a good idea.