Do you run a business where you need to give your clients or guests Wi-Fi access, but don’t want to give them access to your whole network? Maybe you own a cafe, manage a gym or run a B&B – Your guests would all benefit from Wi-Fi access, and you would benefit from keeping it safe and secure for your business.


Not only could you isolate them on your network, but you could also control how long they have access, and how much bandwidth they use.


One solution to enable you to put all this in place would be a UniFi Guest Network.


Through your UniFI controller, you can creating, edit and manage UniFI Guest Networks.


Through the controller, you can edit your Guest Network to reflect your business by choosing a name – This is what users will see when they try to connect to your Wi-Fi network.


If you want to leave the Guest Network open then you can, but you can also make it exclusive to your guests by using a security key.


The great thing about this is that you can enable and disable Guest Networks, so if for any reason you want to temporarily take it down, you can do so without deleting the whole thing.


It’s super simple to get things up and running to this point, but there are further advantages to using this UniFi tool.


You have control over what Guests can and cannot access, before and after authorisation. Your administrator will be able to configure exactly the custom settings you require.


When you are at the stage of configuring your Guest Portal, you have 2 options. You can choose Legacy JSP which will provide a basic landing page for your guests when they login, or you can use AngularJS where you can make adjustments and preview the Portal Customisation options.


Customising your portal is great because it keeps everything on brand with your business and looks super professional. Of course, you can customise as much or as little as you like, that’s the joy of the UniFi Guest Network. If you do decide to customise your portal, then you can choose a background image (jpg files 920px wide and 640px high are recommended) and a logo image (PNG format, 400px width and height).


Another great feature of UniFi Guest Networks is being able to control how much bandwith particular user groups are allowed. For example, you don’t want the activity of your guests to negatively impact your other permanent users or affect critical applications. So being able to limit guest bandwidth is a big plus.


The last thing we wanted to mention in this list of UniFi Guest Network perks is the ability to manage and print vouchers.
Through the UniFi Hotspot System, a separate guest management platform, trusted employees can be granted access to be able to perform actions on the Guest Users. Through this, you can create, customise and even revoke vouchers for internet access on certain Guest Users.


There really are so many pros to this amazing tool as a part of a business Wi-Fi network.


For more information on how UniFi could benefit your business, give us a call here at Geekabit. We’ve got Wi-Fi experts working out of London, Hampshire and Wales who are on hand for all your business Wi-Fi needs.


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