This blog is a brief overview of Wi-Fi antennas to help you choose the right one for your application.

Are you trying to boost your office or warehouse Wi-Fi signal? Perhaps you’re trying to provide Wi-Fi across your B&B or on a campsite? Or maybe you’re trying extend your Wi-Fi signal to an outbuilding, or connect to a public Wi-Fi network? All of these scenarios and more would require and benefit from a Wi-Fi antenna.

The main purpose of a Wi-Fi antenna is to send and receive wireless signal waves over different frequencies and is a very important component of any wireless network.

The signal strength of an antenna is decided by the power gain which is measured in dB (decibels).

One of the most common problems with wireless networks is when the right antenna hasn’t been selected during the installation process.

So, here is some information on the types of antennas that are available and the scenarios they are suitable for, to help you choose the right one and get your wireless network up and running successfully.

1. Directional Narrow Beam

This type of antenna is the best option if you are trying to extend your Wi-Fi network to an outbuilding.

For this to work, you need to have a clear line of sight.

Directional Narrow Beam antennas are mostly used for long range point to point networks.

2. Directional Wide Beam

This antenna is similar to the Directional Narrow Beam, but instead covers a shorter range thus being useful for covering a building yard or similar environment.

You still require a clear line of sight for this antenna to work.

3. Omnidirectional

The omnidirectional antenna is a great choice for covering a broad range of 360 degrees.

It’s a great choice for environments where users are connecting from different directions, like offices, warehouses and even campsites.

You could also use the omnidirectional antenna to create a persona Wi-Fi hotspot.

4. Sector

Another antenna used for hotspots, but professional ones this time.

They have a 120 degrees pick up range and are typically set up in threes to give a total of 360 degrees coverage.

This type of antenna is ideal for us in shops and open spaces.

If you’re still feeling insure about which antenna would be best for your network, give our Wi-Fi experts a call and see how we can help. You can call us on 0203 322 2443 (London), 01962 657 390 (Hampshire) or 02920 676712 (Cardiff).