As we continue to navigate this unprecedented time in our professional and personal lives, the Wi-Fi Expert blog here at Geekabit will be taking a little break.

We are following all government guidelines, and as such, we as a business like so many others are now working remotely. As many of our clients are doing the same, the need for Wi-Fi support, network design and Wi-Fi installations are all temporarily on-hold.

There are a couple of articles that we have blogged previously that could prove useful during this time – How to fix common Wi-Fi problems, and how to spot people stealing your Wi-Fi! We’ve linked these for you below.

Common Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them

Who is Stealing my Wi-Fi and How Can I Block Them?

We look forward to getting back to it once all of this over. Here’s hoping that everyone reading this will have secure and reliable Wi-Fi to stay connected to colleagues, friends and family for the next couple of months.

So for now, stay safe and stay home.