COVID-19 Lockdown

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented time in our professional and personal lives, the Wi-Fi Expert blog here at Geekabit will be taking a little break.

We are following all government guidelines, and as such, we as a business like so many others are now working remotely. As many of our clients are doing the same, the need for Wi-Fi support, network design and Wi-Fi installations are all temporarily on-hold.

There are a couple of articles that we have blogged previously that could prove useful during this time – How to fix common Wi-Fi problems, and how to spot people stealing your Wi-Fi! We’ve linked these for you below.

Common Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them

Who is Stealing my Wi-Fi and How Can I Block Them?

We look forward to getting back to it once all of this over. Here’s hoping that everyone reading this will have secure and reliable Wi-Fi to stay connected to colleagues, friends and family for the next couple of months.

So for now, stay safe and stay home.

What lengths would you go to, to improve your Wi-Fi speed?

Here at Geekabit we’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Wales, and now even more so with the boss recently making his beautiful Welsh lady his wife. So when we came across an article about the residents of Michaelston-y-Fedw digging a 15 mile long trench in order to be able to lay super-fast cables, it really made us smile.

The Welsh residents of this small village just a stones throw from our Cardiff based office, were desperate for faster Wi-Fi (aren’t we all, sometimes?) and took matters into their own hands.

With a population of just 300, it’s probably not at the top of service providers list for super-fast cabling, but that doesn’t mean that these villagers weren’t as exasperated as the rest of us when it comes to slow Wi-Fi.

They described their internet connection as feeble, and so decided to dig the trench needed for fibre broadband cables themselves.
It took thousands of volunteer hours from farmers, teachers and retired people from the tiny Welsh village – A huge community effort, which has resulted in the first households being connected successfully. By the Autumn, 90% of homes in the village should be enjoying a massive improvement in internet speed, having gone from 4Mbps to 1000.

Like so many grand schemes, the original plans were hatched in the local pub. Landlord Ben Longman had recently paid for high speed broadband before realising that it wouldn’t work.

With the whole community seemingly disgruntled with the poor Wi-Fi, they went on to set up a community interest company and secured a Welsh government grant.

It was decided that costs for each household should be kept to an absolute minimum so the villagers rallied together to complete as much of the work as possible themselves. While some of the work was completed by local farm workers who were hired to help with the dig, much of the digging efforts was completed by villagers who excavated trenches from their home perimeter and up to the external wall where the fibre needed to enter their home.

It’s an incredible community achievement, with organisers commenting that they almost couldn’t believe what they had managed to do when they all came together.

It now takes less than a minute to download a film, when it used to take a few days. Imagine settling down to watch a movie, only to have to wait until the following night!

One of the men, and husband to one of the organisers who helped with the project was 71 year old Jum Dunk who had lived in the village for over 4 decades. Taking part in the dig led to him making new friends that he hadn’t met before – It might be a small Welsh village, but the initiative brought together people from all different walks of life that may not have had the opportunity to meet.

And if you’re thinking that fast Wi-Fi isn’t quite enough of a reward for digging a 15 mile trench, you’ll be pleased to know that each household that applied before 30 April were connected free of charge with their first year’s service also free.

Here at Geekabit we are so community minded, and just love hearing of success stories like this where people show what can be achieved when we come together. And even better when it’s in our own field too.


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Welcome to 2017 Wi-Fi Lovers

From everyone at Geekabit, we wish you a prosperous new year and hope that 2017 allows you to achieve all of your goals both in business and in life.

Working on the first proper day back of the year can often be tough, and it’s surprising how many telephone calls and emails we receive of things that have miraculously ‘broken’ over the Christmas period when their offices have been closed!

People are frequently convinced their Wi-Fi access points have also gone away on their Christmas holidays, when in all honesty, it turns out they were probably turned off and unplugged by people conducting cleaning and deep maintenance when everyone else is away.

We’ve used the festive period as a chance to get away, up into the Valleys, walking and taking stock of where we want to be over the next year. The overriding theme is the chance to ‘skill up’ and ensure that more of our team continue their professional development and qualifications to ensure we will meet our goal to be the UK Wi-Fi consultancy experts, each and every time.

2017 is going to show a greater reliance on Wi-Fi technologies both in and out of the office, and yet there are still wide and generalised misconceptions of the technology. What’s interesting is while it becomes even more important and vital to our daily work, we understand less and less.

Visiting a huge number of permanent and temporary Wi-Fi installations over the last year across the UK, it is clear to see that simple guidelines and advise just isn’t being followed. 80% of our work is correcting very simple mistakes. We can only see this continuing.

There is little point in withholding all this knowledge ourselves and so our blog posts will be focussed on as many case studies as we can cover in one year, showing the steps we take in order to make things better. That’s fair isn’t it?

We hope that you’ve returned to work and that you’re fully connected, ready with ambition for the new year and ready to achieve your goals.
We look forward to working with you

The disappointment of Wi-Fi

There’s nothing quite like turning up to a coffee shop, ready to work and having a tight deadline that really requires the internet.

You see the sign “Free Wi-fi here” and you’re given the password, and then…massive fail later, there is no internet.

Increasingly, the provision of free wi-fi is not just the only criteria in selecting a coffee shop, pub or restaurant, but the quality, speed and reliability of the service makes a huge impact too.

Many coffee shop owners turn against those with laptops, i.e. business users with the ability to continue to spend when other consumers won’t have the funds, but I think this is a very short-term way of thinking.

When we’re on the road, we all know that we rock up to any McDonalds, Starbucks or JD Wetherspoon’s and the internet will be there, working and at a very acceptable speed.

Their investment to do this per site is minimal, and the same service is completely accessibly to smaller businesses and brands.

I’m writing this from a coffee shop where I had several important emails to write, but because I can’t due to their broadband issues, I thought I better draft some blog posts to post when I do have the internet.

My experience today echos that of so many people who have the ability to provide extra custom to a venue on a regular basis if the basic needs of today’s modern mobile worker are thought of.

We are getting there in the UK, but only by forcing us into the national brands. It’s time for our local independents to really get on board with good connectivity, the same way that a lot of Europe has embraced it.

Recently, a visit to Paris showed how bad a lot of the national chains are in providing free wi-fi, but how responsive the independents are to this change. Luckily, there’s a good network of Government provided free wi-fi spots to counter this, which makes finding a connection in the city a lot easier.

Investment in good quality products and then you can honour your promises and continue to drive your revenue upwards.

Yours, Disconnected